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Fic Recs - Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor Duplicate [Aug. 12th, 2017|12:43 pm]
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I really enjoy fics that deal with a later Doctor (eg, Eleven or Twelve) meeting Rose and his clone again. Specifically with him relating to the clone in a meaningful way, recalling that - much like Jenny - he's as close to family as he has left.

Mending Fences by LN29 - With the return of Gallifray, the way between dimensions opens again and the Twelfth Doctor is reluctantly drawn back to help Rose and his clone.
This is set after the Husbands of River Song. It's the perfect time frame to have them meet, as the Doctor is a lot older and wiser, and aware of his own flaws. Whereas Ten or Eleven (or even Twelve prior to losing Clara) would have brushed off criticism, this one is able to take it on board. It's a story written mostly in absence, with the Doctor investigating his double's disappearence. But there's a regretful longing as he learns about the man he left behind.
(Incomplete, but still being updated.)

The Trial of Ten by Gentle Hobbit - When the Metacrisis Doctor returns with Rose from the other universe, he is captured and put on trial for various crimes, including genocide.
This is set during the Eleventh Doctor's run, just after Series 5. This deals with a number of interesting subjects, like the medical problems associated with being a Metacrisis and the legal status of someone who shares your memories and identity. Eleven is in fine form as are Rose and TenII, though Amy and Rory have been pushed into the background somewhat.
(Complete, with sequels.)

Marked by rickmaniac101 - The Doctor discovers another difference between him and his duplicate: a tattoo.
Set between saving Earth from the Daleks and dropping off Rose's family in Pete's world, this is more bittersweet than the others. A quick one-shot that investigates the Doctor's ambiguous feelings on his doppleganger.

What Doesn't Happen by riverrunsthroughme - Five years after leaving Rose and the metacrisis in Bad Wolf Bay, the Doctor finds a phonebox floating in space.
This is probably my favourite, which is why it's such a damn shame that it's incomplete. You may need to read Stardust Girl to understand what the metacrisis is running from but be warned; it's disturbing. Unlike most stories of this nature, the Doctor doesn't have to struggle to accept his clone; there's a heartwarmingly instant connection between the two Time Lords.
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Fan Fic Recs - Descendants [Jun. 25th, 2017|08:27 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

A rose by any other name would still bear thorns - Jay's mother is the Enchantress who once cursed the Beast. She didn't take her imprisonment on the Island lying down.
Could be considered an AU or a hint at a very dark future. Also posits a very intriguing theory about the roles of Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay in Auradon's destiny.
(One-shot, Complete).
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Agents of Shield Fic Recs - Canon Compliant [Apr. 15th, 2017|01:00 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Storms and Sunrises by hoosierbitch - May and Phil Coulson's friendship through life to death, and what came after.
Sweet, platonic, and encapsulates everything I love about these two characters' connection.

Morphine by book_freak - Skye reveals a few things to May while on morphine.
Absolutely hilarious and heartwarming. Builds on a dynamic that canon has already alluded to.

Fourth Reich Dawning by Magadh - Jessica Jones takes a cheating husband case and stumbles in an Agents of Shield one.
A three-way crossover that really works. Set after season 2 of Daredevil, Season 1 of Jessica Jones and possibly just prior to the start of Season 3 of Agents of Shield. The character interactions are spot-on and the writer has nailed Jessica's dry cynical voice without making her unlikeable.
Crossover, WIP, so far canon compliant.
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Agents of Shield Fic Recs - Alternate Universe/Time Travel [Apr. 15th, 2017|12:44 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Follow me to get lost by jdphoenix - Coulson and May jump through a time hole and end up twenty six years in the past. The only logical thing to do is raise Skye themselves.
Funny, sweet and heartwarming. Shows how Coulson, May and Skye's lives go so, so much better - but also the possibilities they lose this time round and the weight of the choices they make. Chapter 4 is the funniest and my favourite.

House of Folded Paper by NezumiPi - Grant Ward builds himself a new family that borders on a cult. Shield has to hunt him down before the bodycount gets too high.
Set after Season 2, contradicts everything after that. Can be considered an interesting 'what if' scenario where Hive never came to Earth and Grant found a different method of revenge.
Multi-chapter, complete, not Season 3 or 4 compliant.

The Cursed Soldiers by NezumiPi - Mysterious assets calling themselves the Cursed Soldiers take a base from Hydra and offer it to Shield. Meanwhile, Coulson finds new information on Grant Ward's recruitment.
The kind of Ward-redemption fic I like. A Ward that makes better choices, previous crimes are not excused, and ends on a hopeful note. Also gives a rational reason for Coulson shifting his attitude.

I'd walk a thousand miles by Anuna - Lincoln was meant to die in space taking Hive with him, but he wakes up on Earth with an alive Grant Ward who doesn't remember much. A few months later, they're joined by Daisy fleeing a more radical Shield. Together they try to come to terms with the past.
A sweet, slow-moving fic about healing and reconciliation. It's an OT3 story that switches between past and present, an approach that works really well. The writer had me invested in a relationship that has no justification at all in canon. There's no action, but some dark hints about what happened to Daisy and what's going on outside the safe haven the three of them have created.
Multi-chapter, incomplete, not Season 4 compliant.
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Agents of Shield Fic Recs - Season Four [Apr. 15th, 2017|11:48 am]
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Season Four of AOS is amazing. I don't really have any other words for it. Usually the first part of the season crawls a little before picking up steam, but this season the writers seem to have hit their stride, going from strength to strength.

Appropriately, this is also when all the really good fic started coming out of the woodwork.

better than the original by jdphoenix - It's time Grant got some answers.
Told from the perspective of framework!Grant just after episode seventeen, who finally gets some answers on Skye and Jemma's bizarre behaviour. It hits all the right emotional beats, showing how this Grant is not the same evil bastard we've come to know and love - and heartbreakingly demonstrates what could (and maybe should) have been. This is the best possible Grant in the worst possible situation and it hurts in all the best ways.
One-shot, complete, probably sooned to be Jossed.

Duet by NezumiPi - Simmons watches the interaction between Mace and Ward in the Framework. Each thinks they're doing the other a favour.
A very plausible take on the relationship between Mace and Ward. Kind of ambiguous because it's not clear how truthful each of them is being (with both Jemma and themselves) but painful nonetheless because their backstories are real (or as real as anything in the framework). Not slash.
One-shot, complete, unlikely to be Jossed.
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Star Wars - Fan Fic recs - Legends & Canon Crossover [Jan. 7th, 2017|02:35 pm]
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I understand why Disney had to get rid of the old Expanded Universe, I do. It was swimming with complicated backstories and trying to keep it all straight would have been too much of a headache. Starting off afresh lets them cherry-pick the best aspects and ditch the rest.

That said, I loved the old EU. It was a fixture of my childhood and it was horribly sad to see it go. So I love it when fics pay homage to that.

The Ghosts of Never by Orange_Clown - Sometimes they see someone who isn't there.
This perfectly encompasses my feelings about the new Star Wars. It hurts in just the right way to glimpse what could have been, even more to see the same patterns emerge, and yet the future is still hopeful and shiny-new.
(Implied het, One-Shot, Complete)

Round and Round by Orange_Clown - The story just keeps getting told.
Very meta. Not for anyone who doesn't know both EU and the new canon.

They Haunt Us Still by Sabrina - Anakin Solo wakes up in a galaxy that doesn't recognise him and a place that isn't quite home.
This is an amazing fic that posits the EU and Legends are simply alternate universes; different branches of the same tree. I was very interested in the idea that canon!Leia had Ben too early, before she'd come to terms with her heritage, while EU!Leia waited until several years later, which created a more positive relationship with her children. It's not the original turning point - from the sounds of it there are several - but it creates an interesting dynamic with Anakin Solo. Also, it was just great to see an EU character that died too soon given his chance to shine.
(Mostly gen, Complete with a sequel)

Meet the Replacements by UnknownUnseenUnheard - EU characters meet their Episode VII counterparts. No one is pleased.
Parody. Very funny, but only for people who know both EU and canon.

The Adventures of Ben and Ben by catie_writes_things - Ben Solo gets into trouble with his cousin, Ben Skywalker.
In the words of the author - "In a happy AU where everyone exists and no one is evil". Very sweet; just what I needed after Orange_Clown's work.

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Star Wars - Fan Fic recs - Rey's Parentage [Jan. 7th, 2017|01:46 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

There are some pretty interesting ideas about Rey's origins out there. I initially leaned toward Skywalker, now I'm thinking that's just to pull the rug out from under us. For the moment though, anything goes.

Rey Skywalker:

found families by Flora_Obsidian - Rey was raised by her dead grandparents on Jakku.
Seven part series that goes a little bit AU due to said grandparents, but focuses solidly on the family dynamic. A satisfying read.
(OT3, Incomplete)


slouches toward jakku to be born by peradi - When Rey returns to Jakku for a new ilum crystal, old secrets come to light (features Rey Palpatine).
Partly a ghost story, partly family drama. I particularly loved the moment between Rey and Leia, discussing what it means to be the descendants of Sith Lords.
(OT3, Complete, one-shot)

Rendeau:Safe by ambiguously - Family tragedy over three generations (features Rey Kenobi).
Ties together Clone Wars, Rebels and Force Awakens.
(Het, Complete)
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Star Wars - Fan Fic recs - Sabewan and Padme/Obi-Wan [Jan. 7th, 2017|01:00 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

I know, I know, there's very little basis for either pairing in canon. But that just means that writers have to get imaginative!

Nowhere to Remain by Carryon14 - Panaka found a plague orphan with a striking resemblance to the queen and recruited her as a decoy. But she is more than she appears.
A beautifully written fic that explores the space of time between Sabe being chosen as a decoy and the liberation of Naboo. The friendship between her and Obi-Wan, while not romantic, is deeply meaningful for them both.
(Implied het, mostly gen, Complete).

Bodyguard by cupiscent - A queen's politics cannot be compromised by her body, but there are ways around every rule.
Combines two pairings I enjoy very much, and shows the complicated relationship between Amidala and her handmaidens.
(Het, Complete, one-shot).

Fate, Inexorable by imadra_blue & Luthe - When Anakin is captured by Separatists, Padme and Obi-Wan set out to rescue him.
Not a romance. More an examination of both Padme and Obi-Wan's relationships to Anakin and the tangled knot of lies that bind all three together. Also a disturbingly plausible explanation for why Luke & Leia don't resemble each other.
(Het, hinted slash, canon compliant)
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Star Wars Fan Fic Recs - Force Awakens & Rogue One [Jan. 3rd, 2017|10:12 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Force-Sensitive Finn:

To Fight Giants by MaurauderCracker - All stormtroopers have a family and a past. Reconditioning takes those memories away.
Poignant and hopeful. It's probably unintentional, but I like the subtle parrallel between Finn and his grandmother, who were both raised by impersonal institutions as warriors.
(Gen, complete, one-shot)

The blue man by dimtraces - Late one night, FN-2187 sees a blue man walking through the dormitory.
A nine-part series about Anakin's ghost mentoring a young Finn who's the only person that can see him.

The Bends by kay_cricketed - Finn dreams in his coma.
A surreal trip through past and present toward a realisation.
(Gen, complete, one-shot)

Three by whiteraven - Poe seems to be sharing Finn's dreams. He's not the only one.
A fourteen-part series following up Force Awakens, with a focus on Stormtrooper rebellion. The first few are great, the later ones drag out some, but still good.


tomorrow (there'll be more of us) by dimircharmer - The resistance is starting to get stormtrooper defectors. Finn helps them out.​
An amazing story about freedom and the power of hope.
(OT3, Complete)

Have you heard by peradi - I heard FN-2187 was a stormtrooper.
Finn inspires a revolution. A story told in moments.
(OT3, Complete)

Jacket Droid Lightsaber by imaginary_golux - Your soulmate leaves a mark at your first meeting. Poe runs into two soulmates within days of each other.
The only soulmark fic in Star Wars fandom I've ever enjoyed. (Sorry everyone else!)
(OT3, Complete, one-shot)

Story of Tonight by StanleyQuinn - Poe goes to Leia for some advise regarding his partners.
An unpleasantly sound theory about the effect of Finn and Rey's respective backgrounds on sexuality.
(OT3, Complete, one-shot)

Rogue One:

Composing Hallelujah by MirandaTam - In a world where Shmi Skywalker survived and was a Jedi, her presence alters the events of Rogue One.
A great one-shot based on the writer's wider "Jedi Shmi AU", but you don't need to read that to understand. More intriguing for what it hints at than what it reveals. Also includes a force-sensitive Jyn Erso.
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Star Wars - Fan Fic recs - Alternate Universe [Jan. 1st, 2017|10:12 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Good AU is just as difficult to find as good time travel apparently.

In The Moment by cupiscent - As small a difference as a sparring session has larger repercussions for the galaxy.
Elegent, plausible, and fantastic character work, just like all cupiscent's work. It hurts in just the right way, knowing how easily things could have gone for the better. Contains a hint of Sabewan, but it's a tiny little bit and doesn't really impact the story.
(Het, gen, one-shot, Complete).

If Blood Be The Price by cadesama - Anakin gave up his padawan training to return to Tatooine and free all the slaves. Years later, Senator Amidala and disgraced Jedi Knight Kenobi are sent to negotiate a peace agreement with Anakin as the leader of the free worlds.
A very enjoyable AU reminiscent of Ouroboros. (Het, Complete)

Go Away Closer by MissPop & poplitealqueen - Obi-Wan is unable to take the opportunity to kill Anakin. He wakes up weeks later with him and Padme as prisoners of Lord Vader. The two of them must walk a careful line with an emotionally unstable Sith apprentice determined to rebuild both relationships - and who won't take no for an answer.
Be warned, while there is no outright rape, there's dubious consent as well as physical and emotional abuse. A darkly compelling story that doesn't gloss over the horror of the situation. (Implied slash & OT3, Incomplete.)

Lost Reflections by esama - An Obi-Wan Kenobi that never became Qui-Gon's apprentice meets a Ben Kenobi who did. The two people will learn a great deal from each other.
Beautifully written and shows that even though not all Jedi become Knights, their work is still worthy. I'd love to read more like this.
(Gen, Incomplete)
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