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Arrow (2012) Fic Recs - lilly_pilly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Arrow (2012) Fic Recs [Jun. 10th, 2016|06:27 pm]
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Oliver/Slade/Shado OT3:

Soft Like a Hand Not Touching by storiesfortravellers - Oliver has a sexual relationship with Slade, Slade has one with Shado, and Shado has one with Oliver. Oliver wonders why it's never the three of them together.
A really well-written exploration of polyamory negotations, dealing with a signficant step in intimacy. Complete.

Fire In the Blood by Misachan - Slade starts getting sick, and Oliver and Shado must find a cure.
Set between Oliver's first and second year on the island, in the brief gap of peace before Ivo. While the focus is on keeping Slade alive, the strength is in the relationships between the three. Like all fics in this vein, it's rather heartbreaking knowing what's coming.

Soothe my Soul by Misachan - Slade has nightmares. Oliver and Shado help him rest.

Perchance to Dream - In a world where a different person dies on the island, Slade and Shado comfort Oliver. Sort of.
This is another one of mine; an AU fic where things went better, but still nothing went right.

Gen (No Pairing):

Honeytraps by desree_d - Slade's perspective of Oliver after he brings back the herbs from Yao Fei's cave.
An interesting character study of Slade's reasoning behind letting Oliver live back when they first met and his thoughts on Oliver's progress towards something approaching useful. Complete. Gen (no pairing).


Earning It by Skalidra - When Slade takes Oliver in, Oliver's expected to earn his keep.
Severely dubious consent, I can't emphasise it enough. The sex is hot though and doesn't gloss over the power imbalance or Oliver's reasons for complying.

Failure to Communicate by storiesfortravellers - In which Slade can't quite get Oliver to understand he intends to destroy him, not date him.
Played for laughs. Slade's frustrations are hilarious, particularly when it's his own actions that aren't make any sense. Parody.