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Arrow (2012) Fic Recs - Alternate Universe [Jun. 7th, 2016|10:24 pm]
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What happens in Vegas... by Jules_Ink - AU Olicity. In which Oliver and Felicity meet just prior to the Island and make a drunken mistake. Years later Oliver returns intent on taking down those destoying Starling City, only to discover that little drunken mistake had consquences he never dreamed.
Very, very well-written 'for want of a nail' fic. Every character is well rounded and treated wtih compassion, and even the OC's are nicely fleshed out. Cannot recommend it enough.

Everyone's a Gossip by ferryboats - AU Slade/Oliver. Slade and Oliver were lovers back on the island, only the lack of lube meant some accidental scarring. Fast-forward five years and Oliver's doctors discretely inform Moira that her son was sexually assaulted on the island. When this secret leaks to those closest to him, an oblivious Oliver is confused as to why everyone's treating him with kid-gloves.
Tear-jerking, heartwarming and oddly amusing. The first instalment is complete, but the second remains incomplete.

Pyrite by JustaBluebird - Slade tortured Oliver nearly to death in revenge for Shado. But Ivo, facing the end, decides to throw one last ugly truth in Slade's face: Oliver's innocent.
A very unhappy story, in which Slade must live with the consequences of his actions. Part of the tragedy is that he's still not quite sane, so one gets the feeling he doesn't quite grasp the unforgiveableness of what he did.
"...this isn't so bad yeah? You'll get better, start bothering me like you always do. Bet you're gonna whine like hell."

Entangled by ferryboats - Both Slade and Oliver make different decisions. Slade doesn't kill Moira and Oliver doesn't hand him over to ARGUS.
These two characters still resent each other and have a tonne of issues, but aren't completely beyond reconciliation like they are in canon. Slash, but very slow build. Rape is discussed as a past event. Incomplete. 
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The Hobbit Fic Recs - Gender Bender [Jun. 5th, 2016|05:45 pm]
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Gender-bender Hobbit fics are a guilty pleasure of mine, particularly those about Bilbo. Partly because there's not a lot of female charcters in Tolkien's work and Bilbo has qualities I tend to associate with women. He's not as physically powerful and depends on his wits to get him through. Despite being derided for this lack, he doesn't earn respect by changing to suit what's expected of him. He succeeds simply by being who he is and is comfortable with it.

Which is a pretty good lesson regardless of what gender you are.

Beneath the Ever-Bending Sky by leupagus - A humerous, heart-warming and dramatic story about Thorin and fem!Bilbo, who survive the movie and get married. Unfortunately inter-racial pregnancies aren't all smooth sailing and the One Ring is still in play. Ends on a faintly ominoous note, as a new quest hovers on the horizon. Complete. Last in a series, but you don't need to read any of the others to understand.

Distances Both Physical and Emotional by miscellea - A well-written gender bender series written in two parts; one from Bilbo's perspective and one from Thorin's. Filled with cultural misunderstandings. Complete.

The Mediator by mynuet - A nice long meaty series that takes its time showing how Bilbo's gender would impact the story and her relationships with the dwarves. Arguably OC in places, and more based in book-canon than movie-canon, but still good. Complete.

Other Treasures To Be Had by Author376 - A kink-meme fill wherein a massive cultural misunderstanding occurs. Thorin takes it for granted that they are betrothed and is terribly hurt and angered by Bilbo's seeming rejection at the end of the third movie. Once Gandalf takes pains to explain the situation from Bilbo's perspective, there's nothing to be done but run back to the shire and fetch her. Complete.

Too Late for You and Your White Horse by waldorph - A slightly more cynical take on the gender bender. Here Bilbo wrote the book of her journey, but changed a few key details (ie, her gender, Thorin's survival) to protect herself. A bitter-sweet little story, but one that shows Bilbo's strength. Complete. 
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Daredevil Fic Recs - Matt Murdoch centric [May. 31st, 2016|09:38 pm]
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True Colours by Beguile - Set in season 2. Frank Castle stumbles across a Matt Murdoch who's been in sensory deprivation. Well-written and has a great Punisher point of view; pessimistic, unyielding but not without a sense of compassion. Complete.

Look the Devil in the Face by prettybirdy979 - Crossover with the Avengers. Wherein, through a series of misunderstandings, the Avengers become convinced that Daredevil is the actual devil. Very funny. Complete.

Training Buddies by Fyre - Another crossover with the Avengers. Matt encounters Bucky Barnes and strikes up a friendship. Incomplete, not Civil War compliant.

The Echo You Create by GoodAtBeingUncomfortable - Not for the faint of heart. Fisk and Vanessa follow Matt home after the art gallery. Well-written, but very definitely rape. I prefer the sequel which shows the aftermath but doesn't have quite the same level of brutality. Incomplete.

Learn to Live With the Unimaginable by prettybird979 - Elektra and Matt are deaged, and as Frank is the only responsible adult in the vicinity (for a given value of responsible) he has to take care of them. Elektra and Matt aren't your average kids though and Frank reacts in a typically Frank manner to kids who've been trained as soldiers. Humour, angst and heart-warming, all in one fic. Complete.

Foggy the Miracle Worker by zelofheda-B - Another Avengers crossover. During a battle, Daredevil loses his hearing and the Avengers have to figure out how to calm him down and get him medical treatement. At times humerous, but mostly focuses on the difficulties of communicating with someone who's disoriented and lacking two primary senses. Complete.

It Takes a Village by beguile - Set post-Season 2. Matt's hurt in a fight and, having driven off everyone else, Frank Castle is the one to take care of him. Not the gentle kind of hurt/comfort - in fact there's yet to be much 'comfort' at all. The writer doesn't pull any punches with Frank. He's a good guy, but not a nice one. 
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Daredevil Fic Recs - Claire Temple centric [May. 31st, 2016|08:41 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Becaues Claire Temple is awesome. No other explanation required.

3rd Shift in Hell's Kitchen by monroesherlock - A really sweet speculative fic following the end of Season 2, wherein Claire somehow becomes the go-to medical care for superheroes. Not Civil War compliant. Complete.

Tensegrity by Saathi1013 - A fic for a very rare OT3, but an oddly compelling one. Natasha Romanov/Matt Murdoch/Claire Temple. So far incomplete, but great for Claire's dry, practical point of view. Sadly incomplete.

Claire Temple's Home for Wayward Superheroes by words-writ-in-starlight - similar concept to 3rd Shift in Hell's Kitchen, but longer and incomplete.

Catholicon by underoriginal - Claire has superpowers. Really terrifying superpowers. I'm a real sucker for anything where a seemingly ordinary person turns out to have awesome abilities and this was executed very well. Incomplete. 
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Young Justice Fic Recs [May. 30th, 2016|09:37 pm]
[Tags|, ]


They're Us by Goldenbrook15 - A Justice League/Young Justice crossover. A funny concept treated more or less seriously, in which the Young Justice team fall into the Justice League universe. What with various misunderstandings, the JL mistake the team for their younger selves and are horrified at what their world must be like to have forced them to form so early. Incomplete.

Fixations by Mathismagic - Another Justice League/Young Justice crossover. Very heartwarming. Here, the JL Wally is the YJ Wally who was transported by the speed force into another dimension and became that dimension's Flash. Both teams' relationships with their speedster are examined. Complete.

Brave New World by dyaoka - Damian Wayne falls into the YJ world. Complete.

Collide and the sequel Convergence by LaLaCat1 - Jason Todd falls into the YJ world and just can't deal with a Dick Grayson who's now thirteen and a Batman who's actually good at expressing feelings.

Luthor Family Values by nev_longbottom - More a fusion than a true crossover. In which Luthor (Smallville's Luthor) finds out that his father has created him a clone that has fallen into the hands of the Justice League and sues for custody.

Alternate Universe:

New Kid on the Block by itsxandy - Wherein Wally's transformation into a speedster isn't immediately discovered and he becomes Central City's best thief. Very interesting fic, at times very funny, but also comes with a large dose of angst. This Wally is decidely less hopeful and a lot more cynical than canon, though he never quite loses his heart of gold. Incomplete.

Somehow I'm the Mother of the Year by Katty008 - Talia rejects her father's plans and marries Bruce Wayne, ensuring that Dick is going to have a very... interesting mother figure. Hilarious and heart-warming, just what you need for some feels. Single chapter, complete.

Caged Bird by velkynkarma - Dick Grayson isn't adopted by Bruce Wayne and grows up on the streets of Gotham. Really interesting to see how Dick's relationships/attitudes change accordingly. Written in response to a kink meme, so the formatting's a little odd. Complete.


Blondes Really Do Have More Fun by anonymous - The YJ team are transformed into the opposite gender. Most of them are horrified, at least one is indifferent, and one finds something they didn't know they were looking for. Not a comedy fic, whatever the title suggests. The real tragedy is the character's inability to recognise or articulate what they're feeling, when we as readers can see it as plain as day. Complete (or at least stops in a place that could be considered complete...?)


Kryptonian soul-bonding by anonymous - Based on the concept introduced in the classic fic Biopsychology that Kryptonians telepathically link to loved ones, but humans can't reciprocate properly. The author uses it to simultantously explain a lot of Superman's behaviour toward Superboy and explore the idea of alien psychology trying to function within human ways of thinking. Complete.

A silent ringing in your skull by radioactivepiss - The same concept as above, just shorter. Complete.

Contact by anonymous - Another kink-meme fill. Robin reads some research about the need for positive physical contact for healthy childhood devleopment, and the team decides to hug Superboy because he is technically a few months old. Very cute and heart-warming. Complete.

Kid Stuff by calenchamien - Superboy is deaged and, without any other babysitters available, given over to Superman's reluctant care. There's several fics out there with this concept, but this is my favourite because it doesn't dismiss Superman's feelings in the matter. He might not be reacting like a saint to Superboy's existance, but there are good solid reasons for him to feel ambiguous about his clone and the steps in their relationship are all the more gratifying for it. 
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Agents of Shield Fic Recs [May. 29th, 2016|07:51 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Where is the good Agents of Shield fic? Seriously. All I want is some well-written fic exploring existing issues in new ways, ideally considering the context of the larger marvel cinematic universe. (While I'm at it, I should also wish for a unicorn and a million dollar lottery ticket.)

Your hands did this by notcaycepollard - This is the stuff I'm talking about. It's an AU take on what if the team got Hive!Daisy back a different way and at a different cost. It's told from the outsider perspective of Steve Rogers, but manages to draw parrallels of loss and guilt to his own experience. Be warned, it's intended as Coulson/Daisy which is a major squick for me, but it's subtle enough that you can infer whatever kind of relationship you prefer.

Hypnopompia by Four Gun Lily - Strictly speaking this isn't AoS fic, but it does have AoS references and works within the framework of the show's mythology. After the fall of Hydra, an injured Bucky Barnes stumbles across a secret railroad for Gifted and reluctantly accepts help. What's nice about this is seeing Barnes make a place for himself that isn't defined by his past with Hydra or Steve, though it makes you wish that canon!Bucky had the same luck. Be warned, it involves an OC female but I'd hesitate to call her a Mary Sue. She serves the story being told, rather than the story revolving around her, and so far their relationship has remained unromantic.

Dig their Upward Grave by walutahanga - This is one of mine I thought I'd throw in here. In this continuity Whitehall survives long enough for Jiaying to take her revenge and a few days later a youthful Peggy Carter wakes up in an Inhuman compound. It covers Peggy discovering what happened to her and coming to terms with her new form of existence.

A pleasant game of chess by zauberer_sirin - A friendly game of chess between a former Director of Shield and a future Inhuman Leader. 
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Jurassic World Fic Recs [May. 29th, 2016|07:10 pm]
[Tags|, ]

So apparently I really like raptor fic. Really, really like it.

Imprint by Myrielle - An alternate universe where Claire is present when the Indominus Rex hatches and unintentionally causes it to imprint on her. A sweet fic that is sadly unfinished. (Contains a tiny crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it doesn't intrude on the storyline).

Raptors in the Rainforest by DisaLonglois - A three part series when Owen goes back to the island to get Blue back into her cage, and finds out more about raptors than he ever expected. An intelligent!raptor fic that explores how sapient raptors could relate to humans, both on a personal and communal level. 
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Battlestar Galactica (2003) Fic Recs [May. 29th, 2016|06:22 pm]
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There's a hell of a lot of good BSG fic out there. Apparently that means I must hoarde it...


Going Native by Rap451 - Crossover between Star Trek: Next Generation and BSG. The premise is that Felix Gaeta is actually a Star Fleet ensign who was lost in an accident and was forced to hide in the colonies. When the Galactica encounters the Enterprise in mid-season 3, the two cultures must adapt to one another. Great crossover, giving every character gets a chance to shine and does some incredible world building. The uninished sequel can be found here.

Agency by Ils_mutant - Crossover between Dollhouse and BSG. Set after the mutiny in season 4 BSG and ponders the question of how the Fleet would use such technology if it fell into their hands, and more importantly how they should use it. Features some great character exploration.

For Our Own Benefit by smercy - A Star Wars/BSG crossover that should be crack but isn't. Yoda encounters The Fleet during his exhile on Degobah. This could easily have been played for comedy, but the author chose instead to focus on their mutual grief and weariness; the Fleet for their worlds left behind, and Yoda for the Order. Single chapter. Complete.

Alternate Universe:

Ephemerides by Saathi1013 - A minor divergence of events on New Caprica means that Kara, Lee, Sam and Dee end up in a group marriage. But just because jealousy is no longer a factor doesn't mean everything's perfect. A heartbreaking depiction of a relationship that could have been and a simply amazing portrait of Dee's perspective as a survivor.

Exhiles on the Wind by Fabius Maximus - A band of surviving colonial ships attempts to survive and catch up to the Fleet. Not my favourite, but still very interesting to see the difference with a leader that's engineering-track rather than command-track.

The Consequences of Not Being Polite by The Sidhe - The Fleet finds the people of Earth, but nothing is simple with the cultural differences and an ongoing war with an implcable enemy. This one reminds me a lot of Going Native, in that it explores two cultures with great respect, villanising neither. Props to The Sidhe for the amount of original world-building that goes into it. This is a very dense, detailed read that I enjoyed more on the second read-through.

Canon Compliant:

Settlement and Lifeline by rose_griffes - Set post-finale. A Two cylon and a human woman form a relationship. Ponders the possibility of true repemption and what it means to be human. They're both single-chapter and absolutely shattering, encapsulating the complexity of human-cylon relations on a post-Fleet Earth.

I should also add that if you want a legitimate not-fanfic novel that captures the feel of BSG, definitely look into The Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. I just read the first book Dauntless and it's fantastic. Easy read, consistent science, and a hero that's both logical and awesome. Could easily be described as a spiritual successor to BSG though it was published while the show was still on the air. Make of that what you will. 
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Charmed fic recs [Mar. 11th, 2016|10:53 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Stupid Charmed kick. It's been eating at me for two weeks.

A Pair of Ragged Claws by cunneware
An AU season-six Chris-revelation fic, wherein a visitor from the future shows a new side to Chris the Halliwells haven't seen before. Very, very good and definitely not a mary-sue fic. The writer remembers that it's about the canon characters, not the OC, though she's well-developed and fits nicely into the universe.

Lonely Light of Morning by Stoneage Woman and Warriora
Crossover between Supernatural and Charmed. Another season six fic, and very well written. Incomplete, which is a shame.

I thought you died alone, a long long time ago by electrumqueen
Post-finale fic, exploring how Bianca and Chris might deal with memories of another timeline growing up, and how it affects their relationships with others and each other. One-shot, complete. Ends on a hopeful note, which is nice.

Pasts Crossed by nam_jai
Another AU fic where Chris-Crossed went slightly differently, and Chris was trapped in the future while Wyatt was accidentally sent to the past. Long, complete fic where Wyatt handles the oblivious Halliwells differently to his brother and with different goals in mind. 
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Gargoyles Fic Recs [Feb. 5th, 2016|11:54 pm]
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*Kisses brand new Gargoyles DVD box set*. Only had to wait about eighteen years for this to be released in Australia. In celebration, here are some fic recs.

The Consequences series by Merlin Missy.
Merlin Missy is above and beyond the best writer in Gargoyles fanfic. Her series 'Consequences' splits off before the much-hated third season and follows through on many plot threads introduced in the show. It's beautifully written and incredibly poignant; Part 6 can still leave me in tears. My only warning is that sexual abuse is a significant element in one character's story; it's well-handled but intentionally disturbing, as it involves a character with the mind of a child in an adult body. (Yes, I know this is a fanfic of a 90's cartoon, I'm going to hell; just trust me, the story is that good.)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Moonlight by Nancy Brown
The formatting's a little spotty because of Fanfiction.net, however it's still a good read. If you squint, it can be seen as backstory to Merlin Missy's Consequences story above, wherein Titania and Oberon unwittingly set their children's fate.

Kimberly T's series
My second-favourite Gargoyles author. Like Merlin Missy she branches off after Season 2 and uses a lot of similar ideas (they both have crossovers, for example, with the 80's tv series 'Beauty and the Beast') but she does a lot more world-building and her writing tends to end more hopefully. One action scene in particular involving Demona and Quarrymen on a rooftop always gives me chills.
The series can be a little difficult to navigate; just start with Facts of Life and from then follow the numbered chapters.

The Gargoyles Saga by numerous.
My first foray into Gargoyles fanfic, based on Greg Weisman's ideas for the series. Extremely long, so if you start, prepare to be in it for the long haul. Has multiple authors so chapters tend to be of varying quality. I particularly recommend 'Timedancer' which is an amazing depiction of Brooklyn's journey through time with the Phoenix Gate.

Warriors in Red by aliengirlguy
A newie but a goodie. This is a crossover between Ninja Turtles and Gargoyles which flows so well and shows how much they have in common. These series were made for crossovers.

Playthings by dotfic
A great glimpse into the mindset of Titania.

Forever by Merlin Missy
A DS9/Gargoyles crossover. Agaia great fic by Merlin Missy. Everyon'e spot-on character-wise and what it implies about the Gargoyles' future is intrigueing. 
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